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Globe ED.

On-the-go induction training for early years educators

Delivering essential knowledge

Interactive and intuitive

Easy to use on the go

43 Topics on early years education

Benchmark your skills and knowledge

Globe ED. App

The induction training app for early years educators.

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Globe ED. App

Early years
induction training

Our Globe ED. app contains an induction tree with 43 leaves, each leaf representing a topic essential to early years induction training, enabling educators to thrive whilst developing their full potential, resulting in better outcomes for all children.

All topics are expanded upon, delivering essential knowledge to level-up and broaden educators’ skill-sets, via bite-sized interactive content that can be engaged with at a pace to suit the individual.

View Our Globe ED. Induction Summary
Globe ED. Induction Summary

Parent ED. App

The app dedicated to parents with children in their early years.

Download Parent ED. very soon from the app store and google play.

Parent ED. App

Supporting parents

Helpful knowledge for your parenting journey

In your pocket, on the go, easy to use

43 Topics of parenting

Interactive and intuitive

A quick introduction to our apps

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Globe ED. Early Years Learning

Are you an early years apprentice just starting out on your learning journey, or are you an experienced practitioner looking for CPD?

Globe ED. Early Years Learning

Upskill or refresh your learning with this fun, on-the-go app which delivers bite-sized, interactive activities for anyone working  in an early years setting, including teachers, nannies, managers, childminders and apprentices.

Globe ED. Early Years Learning

We will give you the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How for the key areas of early years education, from infants to inclusion, safeguarding to SEND, professionalism to play. You’ll take away new ideas and inspiration to introduce into your practice, helping create better outcomes for the children in your care.

How settings can use our apps

Globe ED. Early Years Learning

High quality, easily accessible induction training for early years educators. Give all early years practitioners a common base level of understanding from which to plan and support children, to enable families to thrive.

Globe ED. Early Years Learning

The app works equally well for an early years apprentice just starting out on their learning journey, or for an experienced practitioner new to a setting or looking for CPD.

Globe ED. Early Years Learning

The User Dashboard gives nursery managers and owners in-depth tracking results for team members which can be used to plan and fill gaps in knowledge.

What people are saying about Globe ED.

To achieve our mission of improving education levels for children across the world we are  going to ‘pay it forward’. So for every app downloaded in the UK we will give an educator in another part of the world free access to this induction training, enhancing and supporting other vocational educators to achieve their dreams and ours of better outcomes for children.

Village Global Foundation

I like all of the examples and real-life practical applications that the app demonstrates. That it takes you away from a standard textbook situation, and places you "inside" a learning environment with an everyday situation.

This is a fabulous and fun way to study. Sections are bite size with a clever and attractive interface. You make quick progress so you are excited and motivated to step through the stages.

I like that it’s simple and all the information is relevant. Short and straight to the point.

I think it will be very helpful for people starting out in an early years setting or for an apprentice to complete.

I found the content of the app extremely informative and useful.

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