About us

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

We want to enable educators to develop their full potential to ensure better outcomes for all children in the global village.

Our vision

After many years of experience working in and owning  early years settings what became really clear was that we need  to have strong frameworks for educators so that children and environments can thrive. To do this we need to address 4 key areas,

  1. The induction of educators, getting onto the same page is essential to strong practice.
  2. Quality, affordable training that enhances educators learning journeys (whilst meeting CPD requirements).
  3. Strong mentorship and team work to increase planning capacity and delivery of better outcomes for all children.
  4. Celebrating the generous nature of teachers, allowing them the opportunity to give back despite being time poor, hence the 1:1 village global foundation.

With 4 legs of the table strongly implemented it becomes possible to do anything. Strong teams + strong practice = excellent results in the village and globe. Village Global.

So we created this dynamic solution. An induction day, done through 8-12 minute ‘Leaves’ over 43 different topics, to fit around the educator and the setting’s requirements.

Through this induction app, no matter what training or educational background, educators have the basis from which to return to the classroom and into teams, to be able to communicate needs clearly  so that the children in our care can get the best possible outcomes.

Meet the team

Globe ED. Our Team

Frances Preston

Founder & CEO
Globe ED. Our Team

Natalie Roberts

Globe ED. Our Team

Annamaria Guild

Researcher & Content Manager
Globe ED. Our Team

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