Educators around the globe need effective Early Years Training to achieve their goal of enabling children to thrive. The most compassionate among us are those who take up the mantle of educating and protecting children. Our early years educators have the lives of the future generations in their care, so they must always be motivated, and their practice must be child focused. The value of induction training anchored in the voice of the child is priceless. Excellent early years training will inspire everyone, from apprentices to experienced practitioners, to continue to contribute to building a solid early years framework for the little humans who need growth and guidance.

Early Years Training focuses on induction of caregivers, inspiring them to teach with the continued success of the child in mind. This is not only so that our children can enjoy improved outcomes in their early years education, but it is also so that we can lay the foundation for them to continue achieving throughout their lives. It is so important that all early years educators go through the same induction process so that everyone has the same foundation.

But this isn’t always the case, and the system isn’t running as smoothly as it should. Many early years educators and childminders don’t receive that essential induction training at the beginning of their journey, that’s why Continued Professional Development (CPD) is also important. So, when developing solutions to Early Years Training induction programs we vow to make sure it is accessible and relevant to anyone in early years education. Be it life-long educators or those that are brand new to the sector, our early years induction training solution is for everyone. WHAT IS OUR EARLY YEARS TRAINING SOLUTION?

We are Village Global Holdings and we have developed a unique and unprecedented Early Years Training App called Globe ED. Ethical and philanthropic by nature, Village Global lives by the words of the old African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child.” We also recognise that it takes a village to grow a business. So, in addition to the Globe ED. app offering training for early years educators with team tracking and team building, mentorship support, and early years management training we also have the Parent ED. app in development as well. Everything you need to lay a solid foundation in Early Years Training.

Village Global is empowering educators through the Globe ED. app to reach their full potential. As your team works through our topics, activities and workshops all progress is recorded and tracked. Giving us the tools to develop even further. This is not a stagnant process. We will use feedback from those who benefit from the training to continually improve the induction training for educators. This means that we can build outstanding accredited courses to fill the gaps in our knowledge and enable us to grow together.

Our mission for the early years training sector is enable all early years educators to achieve their full potential and ensure better outcomes for all in the global village.

The Globe ED. app is available now from the App Store and on Google Play. This app is doing its part in arming the early years training sector with the tools to start their journey with a strong foundation.