Village Global offers a suite of apps that provide solutions for all areas of the early years.

Globe ED. at Nursery World

Delivering essential knowledge

Interactive and intuitive

Easy to use on the go

43 Topics on early years education

Benchmark your skills and knowledge

Globe ED. App

The induction training app for early years educators.

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Globe ED. App

Early years
induction training

Our Globe ED. app contains an induction tree with 43 leaves, each leaf representing a topic essential to early years induction training, enabling educators to thrive whilst developing their full potential, resulting in better outcomes for all children.

All topics are expanded upon, delivering essential knowledge to level-up and broaden educators’ skill-sets, via bite-sized interactive content that can be engaged with at a pace to suit the individual.

View Our Globe ED. Induction Summary
Globe ED. Induction Summary

Parent ED. App

The app dedicated to parents with children in their early years.

Download Parent ED. very soon from the app store and google play.

Parent ED. App

Supporting parents

Helpful knowledge for your parenting journey

In your pocket, on the go, easy to use

43 Topics of parenting

Interactive and intuitive

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